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How to Take Duromine Without Harming Your Health

Examine the Contraindications Before Its Usage You are forbidden to use Duromine if you have an allergy to Phentermine; to other components of its composition; and to other similar drugs which suppress the appetite. Furthermore, this product is contraindicated in people with depression, nervous anorexia, high blood pressure, glaucoma, blood vessels disorders. If you suffer or have suffered… Read More »

Duromine Dosage and Overdosage – FAQs – iHealth

The information below is presented in FAQ form, and it answers the questions about Duromine dosage and overdose you should come to know very well before its usage. Mind that before you get acquainted with the following information, you have to take into account that its reading cannot replace you the consultation with a specialist. What Active Ingredient… Read More »

Duromine Adverse Reactions and Warnings in South Africa

Duromine is a preparation which requires a written out prescription by the specialist because it can cause serious adverse reactions you should always be aware of. In contrast with Duromine, Phen-Q is a safe drug which does not provoke negative consequences and does not require a prescription. So, you can take it fearlessly. As it was previously said,… Read More »