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By | Feb 8, 2017

The information below is presented in FAQ form, and it answers the questions about Duromine dosage and overdose you should come to know very well before its usage.

Mind that before you get acquainted with the following information, you have to take into account that its reading cannot replace you the consultation with a specialist.Duromine dosage and overdose pills box

What Active Ingredient Does It Contain?

The pills contain in its composition Phentermine. This component is a strong stimulant which functions by influencing the CNS and thus suppressing appetite. Besides Phentermine, there are lots of other ingredients, among the most important are lactose, gelatin, paraffin ingredients which are in charge of the drug’s effect.

The Main Indications for Its Usage

Duromine is prescribed to people with an excessive weight, and obesity. Moreover, it is usually taken in combination with a diet and regular exercises which help to get the desired effect much faster.

Pharmaceutical Form and Presentation

Duromine pills come in 3 forms, 15mg, 30mg, and 40 mg. Its package contains 30 tablets. The pills of 15mg are distributed in grey and green colours. Along axial direction of each pill, there is written Duromine 15.

The capsules of 30mg are in grey and reddish colours and are also marked on its axial directions as Duromine 30.

The 40mg pills are sold in grey and orange colours and marked as Duromine 40.

The Packaging

This product comes in a white package. Each one should have the caution written on the front – PRESCRIPTION ONLY MEDICINE.

Dosage and Overdosage

The dosage for adults and children over 12:

One pill should be taken daily preferably while having breakfast. Such early application is due to the preparation properties which may result in insomnia if it is taken in the evening. The capsule should be swallowed whole.

The initial dosage for this group of people is 30mg daily. In some cases, a person may start his treatment with a dosage of 40mg daily, but it should be indicated only by the specialist. Exceeding your dosage without informing the doctor may result in severe consequences, in particular, adverse reactions which may aggravate your condition. The maintenance dosage is from 15 mg to 40mg daily, depending on the patient’s tolerance.

Children who did not reach the age of 12

Its intake is contraindicated in this group of people.

Elderly people

This medication is not recommended for this group of people.

Moreover, as for application of Duromine, by no means combine it with other preparations which suppress the appetite.

Beware of Overdosage

By using the drug improperly you may have an overdose, which in some cases may be fatal. Be aware of its careful application. Always tell your doctor of any alterations which may seem non-threatening to you.

In the case of overdosing, you are likely to have the next symptoms:

Sudden depressive mood, hallucinations, aggression, constant irritability, euphoria, panic attack, fatigue, coma are the most possible.

CDV complications show as hypertension, hypotension.

GI complications manifest as nausea, diarrhea, sudden vomiting.

Is There Any Analogue to Duromine?

There is PhenQ drug, which has the same indications but no side effects, and therefore it is much safer in taking due to its natural composition. To buy PhenQ, you do not need the written out prescription of the doctor.