How to Take Duromine Without Harming Your Health

By | Feb 10, 2017

Examine the Contraindications Before Its Usage

You are forbidden to use Duromine if you have an allergy to Phentermine; to other components of its composition; and to other similar drugs which suppress the appetite.

Furthermore, this product is contraindicated in people with depression, nervous anorexia, high blood pressure, glaucoma, blood vessels disorders. If you suffer or have suffered from any heart disorder, inform your doctor about this fact because Duromine in South Africa may be also contraindicated.

Also, do not take this preparation if you simultaneously take antidepressant drugs or you have taken them during the last 14 days. If you abuse or have abused the alcohol and drugs. If you plan the pregnancy or you are already pregnant and breastfeed. The application of Duromine may harm the fetus. You should discuss with the doctor all the risks of its intake.

To avoid negative consequences, tell your doctor if you suffer or have suffered from diabetes, epilepsy, and angina.

It is not recommended to interact this drug with other preparations because they may interfere with each other and may lessen the effect of Duromine, may result in a null result or may deteriorate the condition of the patient.

Medications for weight loss, for depression, for treating migraine (a severe migraine) and mental illnesses, cold and cough preparations, hormones.

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Finally, before taking this medicine, check the expiry date which should be printed (NOT WRITTEN) on each package. Also, do not take the capsules from a damaged package, return it to the pharmacist. It should be completely closed and without any signs of being unpacked before.

How to Take Duromine Safely?

Always listen to your physician’s advice before any intake and do not exceed the dosage on your own. If you forget about any detail of its application, ask your doctor.

How Much of Duromine Should be Taken?

The dosage for adults and children over 12 is one pill taken daily. Exceeding the intake of one pill will not provide you faster with the desired effect but definitely, result in severe adverse reactions. Determine with the specialist your personal dosage.

How Should It Be Taken?

Just swallow a whole tablet and wash it down with water. There is no need in chewing, crushing, or opening it.

When Should You Take It?

Duromine is a drug which should be taken in the morning with or without food, it does not influence the result. If you are about to take a capsule in the afternoon or evening you may have insomnia. Get into the habit of taking it daily at the exact same time and you are not likely to skip the dose.

The Duration of Duromine Intake

Remember that you cannot determine the duration of its intake on your own, it is set only by your doctor. So, take it as long as your doctor recommended.

What to Do If You Skipped The Dosage?

If you skipped the application during breakfast time, you may take it later but before the lunch. If you decided on taking it after lunchtime, be ready to experience insomnia.

What Medication Can Replace Duromine Intake?

You can turn to PhenQ, a medication which has a natural composition and no side effects. You do not need to possess a doctor’s prescription to buy it. It has the same indications as Duromine but it does not put yourself at risk of facing the complications after its application.